Home Seller Checklist

Things to do before putting your Durham home on the market

How you present your home to prospective buyers can have a significant impact on how quickly your home sells, and for how much money. And when it comes to selling your Durham home, what two factors are more important?

So before officially putting your home on the market, make sure it’s nice and clean, and will appeal to as many buyers as possible. And to help you accomplish this, we’ve provided a simply yet essential home sellers’ checklist below:

Living & Storage Space Checklist

Does your home feel spacious and open?
Have you maximized available closet space?
Have you taken excess furniture, clothing, and other excess items to storage to help clear space?
Have your also cleaned out the garage and maximized storage space there as well?

Flooring Checklist

Have you washed and waxed your kitchen floors?
What kind of condition is your carpet in?
Are those wood floors gleaming?
Do your woods floors need to be refinished?

Kitchen Checklist

Clean out your cabinets
Clean out the pantry
Scrub the inside of your refrigerator
Don’t forget the inside of the stove

Bathroom Checklist

Scrub the shower and/or bathtubs
Install a new shower curtain
Clean out the vanity
Clean the toilets

Exterior Checklist

Mow the lawn
Trim the shrubs
Sweep the porch
Put out a new welcome mat
Plant fresh flowers