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Kitchen Upgrades Are they Worth It?

Kitchen Upgrades:

They are numerous ways to increase your home's possible value and appeal. It could be something as small as repainting, or something extensive as adding on more square footage that can be used as a bathroom, bedroom, or etc.(make sure to get permits) One great upgrade that always stand out, is upgrading the kitchen. Upgrading the kitchen could mean new appliances, new flooring, new counter tops etc. All these things are great at improving appeal and interest. Something to keep in mind, the kitchen is one of the most used area's in most households. So if a home has a nice new kitchen that gives you one up on your competition.The new trend now for appliances is stainless steel, I am seeing that just about every buyer I talk to mentions stainless steel appliances in some capacity . If a consumer goes online to Zillow®, Trulia® or DuncanPrimeRealty.com (the website you're on now) and see a homes kitchen like below: