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Listing Your Home During the Holiday Season

Listing Your Durham Home During The Holiday Season

Listing Your Home During the Holiday Season


The last thing you probably want to think about as you’re running around buying last minute gifts, pulling those decorations out of storage, and stuffing the turkey is making sure your home is ready to show in case that next potential buyer wants to pop in. You might also be thinking that because everyone is so busy traveling or spending time with their families, they may not be looking for their next home. While it may be a less obvious time to list your home for sale, there are a lot of surprising reasons why the holidays might...

A Closer Look at Closing Costs First-Time Home Buyers Should Know About

If you’re a first-time home buyer, you’ll quickly find out that buying a home in Durham can be a lengthy and somewhat tedious process. The paperwork can seem endless and the home search exhausting, but with my help and guidance, I promise to make it as painless as possible. 

One aspect related to buying a new home that isn’t painless, however, are closing costs. You know, those additional fees that are paid to third parties who all help to facilitate the home buying process. Because you’re a first time home buyer and have obviously never had to deal with closing costs to this point, I figured quickly running though what you can expect, and also how much...

7 DIY Home Projects for Fall

7 DIY Projects for Fall- Duncan Prime Realty

7 DIY Home Projects for Fall


Whether or not you like it, fall has snuck up on us and winter is right around the corner. Fall foliage covers the trees and stores are already putting out the holiday decorations. This is usually the time most people go into holiday hibernation mode, along with their home improvement projects.


Homeowners typically reserve the sticky, hot summers for their DIY projects but we think fall is a great time to get out the tool belt. Not only is the weather so much more manageable for outdoor projects you want your home to look its best for all those family members visiting for the holidays,...

First-Time Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Durham First-Time Home Buying Mistakes

Let’s face it—the first time any of us do just about anything in our lives, we’re likely to make a mistake or two along the way. And given first-time home buyers in Durham are of course going through the difficult and often complex home buying process for the very first time, avoiding mistakes wherever possible will undoubtedly make your experience easier and much less stressful. 

As a ...