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Top Durham Neighborhoods For First-Time Buyers

Top Durham Neighborhoods For First-Time Buyers

While outsiders might associate Durham as simply being the home of Duke University, those who already live here are quick to point out there’s much more to this former industrial hub than just a world-class university, as it’s now widely recognized as being one of the trendiest, fastest-growing cities in the entire southeast region. 

Outside of the job growth and a favorable climate, reasonable home prices are also why more people are considering Durham as a viable option to purchase a home, especially to those who are looking to make that long awaited transition from renting to owning. But even with the average home price in Durham only hovering around $215,000 right...

Reasons We Love Durham

Why We Durham

Reasons We Love Durham


We love Durham, North Carolina! And we know you will too.


This bustling Southern city is known for its small-town feel and thriving cultural scene. It’s the core of the four-county Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area and also one of the vertices of the Research Triangle. Durham grew in size and popularity due to its once thriving tobacco industry and today is known for being home to the prestigious Duke University; however, this town has a lot more to offer than just some farming history and a college campus.


Foodie Friendly


If you’ve lived in or simply...

Tax Breaks For First-Time Home Buyers

Tax Breaks For First-Time Buyers in Durham

If you’re still renting a home or apartment and haven’t quite made the transition to home ownership just yet, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with many of the benefits that coincide with becoming a home owner. From the financial aspect of price appreciation and building equity to simply the piece of mind of having something that feels more long-term, buying a home for the first time can be a thrilling experience, even despite it likely being the largest financial decision you’ll ever make.

But along with all the obvious advantages, another primary...