Best Dog Parks in The Triangle Area

Triangle Area Best Dog Parks North Carolina

Many people look for nearby conveniences when choosing a new place to call home, and it’s certainly no different for those with four-legged family members. While there are quite a few fantastic parks in the Research Triangle Area, some prospective new residents are looking for dog-friendly locations. Luckily, there are some fantastic options when it comes to local dog parks, too. 

Oakwood Dog Park - Raleigh


As for dog parks in the City of Raleigh, owners have to clean up after their pets and keep their dogs from digging. Dogs also have to be on a leash when you enter and leave the park, but all breeds are welcome. 

At Oakwood Dog Park, dogs are able to roam off-leash once inside, and you’ll find fenced-in areas for both small dogs and large dogs. The park is free and open year-round. It’s open from sunrise to sunset, plus you’ll find some natural shade, benches, and a water tap for dogs. 

Millbrook Exchange Park- Raleigh


Staying in Raleigh, Millbrook Exchange Park also has a dog water fountain. You’ll additionally find some natural shade, a shade structure, plus some benches and agility equipment. Opened in 2003, this is Raleigh’s oldest dog park. 

Buffaloe Road Athletic Park - Raleigh


Raleigh’s Buffaloe Road Athletic Park contains a dog park with separate fenced-in areas for large and small dogs. You’ll also find dog drinking fountains, shade, and it offers the option for dogs to run around off-leash. 

Jaycee Center - Raleigh


Open for dawn to dusk every day of the year, Jaycee Center in Raleigh offers benches and natural shade for pets and pet owners. The park also features some wood chips. 

Kiwanis Park - Raleigh


You’ll find a disposable waste bag dispenser, plus wood chips and benches in Kiwanis Park. This dog park is also located in Raleigh and it’s open to visitors every day from dawn to dusk. 

Carolina Pines Dog Park - Raleigh


At Carolina Pines Dog Park dogs can also roam around off-leash. The park offers faucet water and buckets for dogs to get something to drink, plus you’ll find a fenced in area for small and large dogs. The park is lighted at night. There’s even a dog climbing platform at the park. 

Flaherty Dog Park - Wake Forest


At Flaherty Dog Park in Wake Forest, you’ll find two acres for dogs to run around off-leash. The park offers separate areas for large and small dogs, plus some water and pet clean-up stations. Dogs have to wear a collar with ID tags and be at least six months old to come to the park. 

Duke Park - Durham


At Duke Park in Durham, you’ll find benches, a waste bag dispenser, plus separate areas for small and large dogs. The park is open from dawn to dusk. 

Downtown Durham Dog Park - Durham


The Downtown Durham Dog Park additionally has separate areas for small and large dogs. You’ll also find some waste dispensers and benches in the park. The park is located on Elliot Street in the downtown area. 

Piney Wood Dog Park - Durham


Staying in Durham, the Piney Wood Dog Park offers kiosks, benches and a waste bag dispenser for cleaning up after pets. The park also has a water fountain and kiosks. Piney Wood is open from dawn to dusk. 

Homestead Park - Chapel Hill


Heading over to Chapel Hill, dogs have to be at least six months old to enter the city’s dog parks, plus they have to stay on a leash while you’re entering and leaving the parks. Homestead Park offers separate areas for small and large dogs. This large space also offers some water, some waste mitts and a double gate. 

Southern Community Park - Chapel Hill


Southern Community Park in Chapel Hill has a two-acre dog park. You’ll find both a sunny area and some shade in the park. In addition, the dog park offers waste mitts and water for man’s best friend. The park accommodates small and large dogs with separate areas. 

Hunter Street Park - Apex


In Apex the city requires dog owners to purchase a dog park pass on a yearly basis. The city then sends out a key car to unlock the gate. Hunter Street Park is a two-acre dog park that’s lighted and fenced. You’ll find shade gazebos, benches and water fountains. In addition, the park provides pet waste stations, plus a separate area for large and small dogs. 

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